Animal Intuitive & Mediumship Communication Testimonials

I heard of Monica through a friend and was very skeptical of the abilities that she and others like her claimed to possess. I decided to give her a try after struggling with the loss of a close family member. I was amazed and am convinced that she connected with my loved one by knowing things that only I would know. This also helped give me closure as well as a new understanding of the spirituality that is all around us and how it can help you through the grieving process. One may never fully get through losing a family member suddenly and unexpectedly, but with the right guidance, one can learn to cope.  I will be forever grateful for the enlightenment that Monica provided during that turbulent time of my life. – Bob P. – Wisconsin

Monica’s ability to “chat” with animals is amazing and reminds me of the pet psychic, Sonja Fitzpatrick. Most pet owners with their pets could tell them what is wrong, what they want, need and where it hurts. Monica can ask those questions and receive answers that help us better care for our precious pets. Monica has connected with cats, a horse, and even a hamster for me. She speaks with both living and deceased pets. Try her! You wont be disappointed. – Di S. – Manitowoc, WI

Monica has done several readings for my pets over the past few years, and each time I’ve been amazed by the results. At first I was somewhat skeptical, but Monica’s proven ability to tune in and communicate with the animals has erased any doubts I might have had. Her empathic communications with my cat have not only had a healing effect on them, but have helped guide me to do things that are in alignment with their innermost wants and needs. Anybody who would like to find out more about their pet’s inner world would be well advised to get a reading with Monica. The results speak for themselves. – Mathew F. – Green Bay, WI

Monica’s ability to accurately communicate with our cat, Dot was extraordinary. Dot told her how much she like the blue carpet, that I was a writer, that Daddy drives back and forth (had a studio in Two Rivers and we live in Manitowoc), and that she eats food from the veterinarian. The most amazing this is how the reading helped me. It was difficult and uncomfortable for me to look Dot straight on. I always felt as if I were looking through an overlay at something else, but could never make out what it was. In all other respects our relationship was wonderful. Dot is loving, and very talkative, right down to saying “thank you” when I open the door for her. Monica said that she felt “haunted when looking at her”. Dot told her “Do not be afraid, I mean no harm”. Then Monica while staring at Dot’s eyes, saw the right side of turn into an owl. From the moment I heard the explanation the overlay was gone. There are other facts Dot told Monica that she had no way of knowing. Monica has never been to our house except through Dot’s eyes. Monica is highly gifted in her ability to contact and communicate with our beloved pets. She ranks a 10 in my book. – Scottie D. – Manitowoc, WI

I had an animal reading done by Monica Strong. This was my first time meeting Monica. Throughout the reading I was simply amazed about what information she was getting from my dog, McKenzie. She gave me a description about the house we lived in with my boyfriend, sitting outside, and seeing an orange cat. This orange and white cat McKenzie and Monica talked about was a cat I had growing up named Carmel.  Monica told me that Carmel was there to keep Mckenzie out of trouble! She also told me about some of Mckenzie’s fears and something so simple as to how she wants to be looked at more like a girl! I used this information to work on my relationship with McKenzie, which in turn has greatly improved. Since the first reading, I had Monica do several other readings on my animals, both past and present. The information coming through was true and again so amazing. I have full faith in Monica and these wonderful abilities so I just wish others are willing to see what is behind their animal’s looks and stares! – Liz S. – Mishicot, WI

For more information call Monica @: 920-758-3373 or email monicaloastrong@yahoo.com

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