Critter Connections – Psychically connect to the animal

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why is my dog staring at me?
  • What is that squirrel trying to do?
  • Do those cows feel sadness or happiness?
  • When do the birds feel safe?

Critter Connections is a class to assist you in gaining insight to the rest of the animal kingdom.  And through the use of your love for animals, reinforce a stronger bond to happily coexist.

Meditation – Energetic 15 minutes to start your day


Meditation is for those who can’t find the time or focus to meditate.  It provides the ground work and information needed to start or enter your day cleared, grounded, open and protected.

  • Learn foundations of clearing your aura, body and chakra.
  • Explore the potential to open chakras and ground yourself.
  • Experience the protective energies psychics use.

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